Twitter targeted marketing cu TwitterHawk

TwitterHawk este un bot inteligent care posteaza reclame prin autoreply la mesajele care vor contine cuvinte cheie, acele market keywords. Suna a spam, dar metoda este extrem de eficienta.
Am scris la un moment dat pe twitter de unde as putea cumpara un Power PC Quad Core si mi-a scris un bot TwitterHawk, in engleza, exact de unde. Am luat mesajul de bun, nu mi-am dat seama, si am intrat pe linkurile respective. Am gasit exact ce-mi trebuia, dar magazinul nu era in Romania.

This is arguably the most targeted marketing that you can take advantage of!
Let’s say you just opened a new coffee store in Queens and wanted to let people know about it.

As part of your advertising efforts, you could setup TwitterHawk to search for things like “coffee near:Queens within:8mi” (of course you could simply search world wide if you are global).

We would then periodically (at a frequency determined by you) find twitter posts that mentioned coffee by users that are actually located within 8mi of Queens, and send them one of your pre-defined replies from you such as
‘@cracksh0t Have you seen our new Coffee Shop in Queens?’ or
‘@loxly What is your favourite blend? We’ve just opened a new store in Manhattan and would love to know what you think’

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