Twitpocalipsa II programata pentru maine

M-am intepat la prima. De atunci am fost prevazator si am pus timeid-ul in baza de date sa fie bigint 20. Recomand acelasi lucru ca sa nu mai aveti probleme cu Twitpocalipsa.

To give everyone another update, we are still on track to trigger
Twitpocalypse II tomorrow (Tuesday 9/22) at 11:30am PST. We are trying
to do it as early in the day as we can on our side to accommodate
developers in other timezones.

For those of you unaware of what the Twitpocalypse is (hopefully no
one by now), Alex previously noted “the Twitter operations team will
artificially increase the maximum status ID to 4294967296 … If your
Twitter API application stores status IDs, please be sure that your
datastore is configured to handle integers of that size.”

A few of us will be available in IRC if you need live support,
otherwise email the list with any questions you may have.

Best, Ryan

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