Cum treci de criza – cu idei, imaginatie

O cafenea din Japonia a pus in practica o idee trasnita: esti servit cu ce a comandat cel dinaintea ta, iar ce comanzi tu este servit urmatorului client.

Si exista si 5 reguli:

1. Let’s treat the next person. What to treat them with? It’s your choice.
2. Even if it’s a group of friends or a family, please form a single-file line. Also, you can’t buy twice in a row.
3. Please enjoy what you get, even if you hate it. (If you really, really hate it, let’s quietly give it to another while saying, “It’s my treat…”)
4. Let’s say “Thank You! (Gochihosama)” if you find the person with your Ogori cafe card.
5. We can’t issue a receipt.

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